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Overlaying monolayer metal organic framework on PtSe2-based gas sensor for tuning selectivity

S. R. Cho†, D.-H. Kim†, M. Jeon†, R. Pragya†, M. Gyeon, Y. Kim, M. -k., Jo, S. Song, J. Y. Park*, J. Kim*, I. -D. Kim*, K. Kang*

submitted (2022)

Photoluminescence of 2D GeSe2: Anomalous Temperature and Polarization Dependences
E. Lee, K. Dhakal, H. Song, H. Choi, T. -M. Chung, D. L. Duong, S. Oh, H. Y. Jeong, K. Kang, J. Kim
submitted (2022)

Large Memory Window of van der Waals Heterostructure Devices based on MOCVD-grown 2D Layered Ge4Se9
G. Noh†, H. Song†, H. Choi†, J. H. Jeong, Y. Lee, M.-Y. Choi, S. Oh, M. Kim, M.-k. Jo, Y. Jo, E. Park, E. Moon, T. S. Kim, H.-J. Chai, W. Huh, C.-H. Lee, C.-J. Kim, H. Yang, S. Song, H. Y.Jeong, Y.-S. Kim, G.-H. Lee, J. Lim, C. G. Kim, T.-M. Chung*, J. Y. Kwak*, and K. Kang*
Adv. Mater., accepted (2022)

Ultraefficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Strain Engineered, Multilayer MoS2

D. Rhuy, Y. Lee, J. Y. Kim, C. Kim, Y. Kwon, D. Preston, I. S. Kim, T. Odom, K. Kang, D. Lee, W. -K. Lee
Nano Lett., 22(14), 5742 (2022) PDF Supplementary

Fabrication of heterogeneous chemical patterns on stretchable hydrogels using single-photon lithography
H. Im, E. Heo, D. -H. Song, J. Park, H. Park, K. Kang, J. -B. Chang
Soft Matter, 18(23), 4402 (2022) PDF Supplementary Video1

Gas-Phase Alkali Metal-Assisted MOCVD Growth of 2D Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides for Large-Scale Precise Nucleation Control

T. S. Kim, K. P. Dhakal, E. Park, G. Noh, H. -J. Chai, M. Kang, J. Park, J. Kim, S. Kim, S. Bang*, J. Y. Kwak*, J. Kim*, K. Kang*

Small, 18(20), 2106368 (2022) PDF Supplementary

Non-invasive digital etching of van der Waals semiconductors

J. Zhou, C. Zhang, L. Shi, X. Chen, T. S. Kim, M. Gyeon, J. Chen, J. Wang, L. Yu, X. Wang, K. Kang, E. Orgiu, P. Samori, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, K. Tsukagoshi, P. Wang, Y. Shi, S. Li

Nature Communications, 13, 1844 (2022) PDF Supplementary

Fabrication of a Microcavity Prepared by Remote Epitaxy over Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide

Y. Kim, J. Watt, X. Ma, T. Ahmed, S. Kim, K. Kang, T. S. Luk, Y. J. Hong, J. Yoo*

ACS Nano, 16(2), 2399 (2022) PDF Supplementary

Strategies for Chemical Vapor Deposition of Two-dimensional Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskites

A. Ham, T. S. Kim, M. Kang, H. Cho*, K. Kang*

iScience, 24(12), 103486 (2021) PDF Supplementary

Enhancement of Photoresponse on Narrow Bandgap Mott Insulator α-RuCl3 via Intercalation

M. -k. Jo, H. Heo, J.-H. Lee, S. Choi, A. Kim, H. B. Jeong, H. Y. Jeong, J. M. Yuk, D. Eom, J. Jahng, E. S. Lee, I. Jung, S. R. Cho, J. Kim, S. Cho, K. Kang*, S. Song*

ACS Nano, 15(11), 18113 (2021) PDF Supplementary

Universal Patterning for 2D van der Waals Materials via Direct Optical Lithography

S. R. Cho†, S. Ahn†, S. H. Lee†, H. Ha, T. S. Kim, M. -k. JoC. Song, T. H. Im, P. Rani, M. Gyeon, K. Cho, S. song, M. S. Jang*, Y. -H. Cho*, K. J. Lee*, K. Kang*

Adv. Funct. Mater., 2105302 (2021) PDF Supplementary

Low-Temperature and High-Quality Growth of Bi2O2Se Layered Semiconductors via Cracking Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition

M. Kang†, H. -J. Chai†, H. B. Jeong, C. Park, I. -y. Jung, E. Park, M. M. Çiçek, I. Lee, B. -S. Bae, E. Durgun, J. Y. Kwak, S. Song*, S. -Y. Choi*, H. Y. Jeong*, K. Kang*

ACS Nano, 15(5), 8715 (2021) PDF Supplementary

Electric-Field-Induced Reversible Phase Transitions in a Spontaneously Ion-Intercalated 2D Metal Oxide

H. R. Rasouli, J. Kim, N. Mehmood, A. Sheraz, M. -k. Jo, S. Song, K. Kang*, T. S. Kasirga*

Nano Lett., 21(9), 3997 (2021) PDF Supplementary Video1 Video2 Video3

Arrayed MoS2-In0.53Ga0.47As van der Waals Heterostructure for High-Speed and Broadband Detection from Visible to Shortwave-Infrared Light

D.-M. Geum†, S. Kim†, J. Khym, S.K. Kim, S.-Y. Ahn, T. S. Kim, K. Kang*, S.H. Kim* 

Small, 17, 2007357 (2021) PDF Supplementary

Switchable, Tunable, and Directable Exciton Funneling in Periodically Wrinkled WS2

J. Lee, S. J. Yoon, C. Seo, K. Cho, T. S. Kim, G. H. An, K. Kang, H. S. Lee, J. Kim

Nano Lett., 21(1), 43 (2021) PDF Supplementary Video1 Video2

2D-Based Floating Gate Device with Linear Synaptic Weight Update
E. Park, M. Kim, T. S. Kim, I. S. Kim, J. Park, J. Kim, Y. Jeong, S. Lee, I. Kim, J. -K. Park, G. T. Kim, J. Chang, K. Kang*, J. Y. Kwak*

Nanoscale, 12, 24503 (2020) PDF Supplementary

Growth and Interlayer Engineering of 2D Layered Semiconductors for Future Electronics

C. Song, G. Noh, T. S. Kim, M. Kang, H. Song, A. Ham, M. -k. Jo, S. Cho, H. Chai, S. Cho, K. Cho, J. Park, S. Song, S. Bang, J. Y. Kwak*, K. Kang*
ACS Nano, 14(12), 16266 (2020) PDF

Measurement of Quantum Yields of Monolayer TMDs Using Dye-Dispersed PMMA Thin Films

S. Roy, A. S. Sharbirin, Y. Lee, W. B. Kim, T. S. Kim, K. Cho, K. Kang, H. S. Jung, J. Kim

Nanomaterials, 10(6), 1032 (2020) PDF Supplementary

Tuning Electrical Conductance of MoS2 Monolayers through Substitutional Doping

H. Gao, J. Suh, M. C. Cao, A. Y. Joe, F. Mujid, K. -H. Lee, S. Xie, P. Poddar, J. -U. Lee, K. Kang, P. Kim, D. A. Muller, J. Park

Nano Lett., 20, 4095 (2020) PDF Supplementary

Mechanoluminescent, Air-Dielectric MoS2 Transistors as Active-Matrix Pressure Sensors for All Detection Ranges from Footsteps to Cellular Motions

J. Jang, H. Kim, S. Ji, H. J. Kim, M. S. Kang, T. S. Kim, J. -E. Won, J. - H Lee, J. Cheon*, K. Kang*, W. B. Im*,  J. -U Park*

Nano Lett., 20, 66 (2019) (Cover paper) PDF Supplementary Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4

Wafer-scale Synthesis of Monolayer Two-Dimensional Porphyrin Polymers for Hybrid Superlattices

Y. Zhong, B. Cheng, C. Park, A. Ray, S. Brown, F. Mujid, J. -U. Lee, H. Zhou, J. Suh, K. -H. Lee, A. J. Mannix, K. Kang, S. J. Sibener, D. A. Muller, J. Park 

Science, 366, 1379 (2019) PDF Supplementary Video1 Video2 Video3

MoS2 Pixel Arrays for Real-Time Photoluminescence Imaging of Redox Molecules
M. F. Reynolds, M. H. D. Guimarães, H. Gao, K. Kang, A. J. Cortese, D. C. Ralph, J. Park, and P. L. McEuen
Sci. Adv., 5, eaat9476 (2019)  PDF Supplementary

Atomic-Scale Visualization of Electrochemical Lithiation Processes in Monolayer MoS2 by Cryogenic
Electron Microscopy

S.-H. Yu, M. J. Zachman, K. Kang, H. Gao, X. Huang, F. J. DiSalvo, J. Park, L. F. Kourkoutis, and H. D. Abruña

Adv. Energy Mater., 9, 1902773 (2019), PDF Supplementary

Reversible MoS2 Origami with Spatially Resolved and Reconfigurable Photosensitivity
W. Xu, T. Li, Z. Qin, Q. Huang, H. Gao, K. Kang, J. Park, M. J. Buehler, J. B. Khurgin, and D. H Gracias
Nano Lett., 19, 7941 (2019) PDF Supplementary

Capillary Origami with Atomically Thin Membranes

M. F. Reynolds, K. L. McGill, M. A. Wang, H. Gao, F. Mujid, K. Kang, J. Park, M. Z. Miskin, I. Cohen, and P. L. McEuen
Nano Lett., 19, 6221 (2019) PDF Supplementary Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5

Coherent, Atomically Thin Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Superlattices with Engineered Strain

S. Xie, L. Tu, Y. Han, L. Huang, K. Kang, K. U. Lao, P. Poddar, C. Park, D. A. Muller, R. A. DiStasio Jr.,

and  J. Park 

Science, 359, 1131 (2018), PDF Supplementary


Absence of a Band Gap at Metal-Monolayer MoS2 Interface,

A. Kerelsky, A. Nipane, D. Edelberg, D. Wang, X. Zhou, A. Dadgar, H. Gao, S. Xie, K. Kang, J. Park, J. Teherani, and A. Pasupathy

Nano Lett., 17, 5962 (2017) PDF Supplementary


Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Two-Dimensional Materials into Wafer-Scale Heterostructures

K. Kang, K.-H Lee, Y. Han, H. Gao, S. Xie, D.A. Muller, and J. Park

Nature, 550, 229 (2017) PDF Supplementary  Video1 Video2


Long-lived Hole Spin/Valley Polarization Probed by Kerr Rotation in Monolayer WSe2

X. Song, S. Xie, K. Kang, J. Park, and V. Sih,

Nano Lett., 16, 5010 (2016) PDF Supplementary 


Atomically-Thin Ohmic Edge Contacts Between Two-Dimensional Materials

H. Gao, M.H.D. Guimaraes, Y. Han, K. Kang, S. Xie, C.-J. Kim, D.A. Muller, and J. Park

ACS Nano, 10, 6392 (2016) PDF Supplementary  


Atomic-Scale Spectroscopy of Gated Monolayer MoS2

X. Zhou, K. Kang, S. Xie, A. Dadgar, N. Monahan, X.-Y. Zhu, J. Park, and A. N. Pasupathy

Nano Lett., 16, 3148 (2016) PDF  Supplementary


High-Mobility Three-Atom-Thick Semiconducting Films with Wafer-Scale Homogeneity

K. Kang, S. Xie, L. Huang, Y. Han, P. Y. Huang, K. F. Mak, C.-J. Kim, D. A. Muller, and J. Park

Nature, 520, 656 (2015) PDF Supplementary


Atomic Layer-by-Layer Thermoelectric Conversion in Topological lnsulator Bismuth/Antimony Tellurides

J. H. Sung, H. Heo, I. Hwang, M. Lim, D. Lee, K. Kang, H. C. Choi, J.-H. Park, S.-H. Jhi, and M.-H. Jo

Nano Lett., 14, 4030 (2014) PDF 


Growth of Straight One-Dimensional Ge/ZnSe Heterojunctions with Atomically Sharp Interfaces by Catalytic Residue Controls

K. Kang, H. Heo, D. Lee, I. Hwang and M.-H Jo

Nanotechnology, 25, 014010 (2014) PDF  


Hierarchical SiOx Nanoconifers for Li-ion Battery Anodes with Structural Stability and Kinetic Enhancement 

K. Song, S. Yoo, K. Kang, H. Heo, Y.-M. Kang, and M.-H. Jo

J. Power Sources, 229,229 (2013) PDF  


Large Electroabsorption Susceptibility Mediated by Internal Photoconductive Gain in Ge Nanowires

H.-S. Lee, C.-J. Kim, D. Lee, R. R. Lee, K. Kang, I. Hwang and M.-H. Jo

Nano Lett., 12, 5913 (2012) PDF  


Tunable Catalytic Alloying Eliminates Stacking-Faults in Compound Semiconductor Nanowires

H. Heo*, K. Kang*, D. Lee, L.-H. Jin, I. Hwang, H.-J. Back, M. Kim, H.-S. Lee, B.-J Lee, G.-C. Yi, Y.-H. Cho and M.-H. Jo (* equal contribution)

Nano Lett., 12, 855 (2012) PDF  


Vectorial Nanowire Growth by Local Kinetic Manipulation

G. Lee, Y. S. Woo, J.-E. Yang, G.-S. Kim, D. Lee, K. Kang, C.-J. Kim and M.-H. Jo

J. Cryst. Growth, 345, 56 (2012) PDF  


Kinetics-Driven High Power Li-ion Battery with a-Si/NiSix Core-Shell Nanowire Anodes

K. Kang, K.-S. Song, H. Heo, S. Yoo, G.-S. Kim, G. Lee, Y.-M. Kang, and M.-H. Jo

Chem. Sci., 2 1090 (2011) PDF  


Maximum Li Storage in Si Nanowires for the High Capacity Three-Dimensional Li-ion Battery

K. Kang, H.-S. Lee, D.-W. Han, G.-S. Kim, D. Lee, G. Lee, Y.-M. Kang, and M.-H. Jo

Appl. Phys. Lett., 96, 053110 (2010) PDF  


Diameter-Dependent Internal Gain in Ohmic Ge Nanowire Photodetectors

C.-J. Kim*, H.-S. Lee*, Y.-J. Cho, K. Kang and M-H. Jo

Nano Lett., 10, 2043 (2010) PDF  


Near-Field Electrical Detection of Optical Plasmons and Signle-Plasmon Sources

A. L. Falk, F. H. L. Koppens, C. Yu, K. Kang, N. D. L. Snapp, A. V. Akimov, M.-H. Jo, M. D. Lukin, and H. Park, Nature Physics, 5, 475 (2009) PDF  


Unconventional Roles of Metal Catalysts in Chemical-Vapor Syntheses of Single-Crystalline Nanowires

K. Kang, C.-J. Kim and M.-H. Jo (invited review) 

J. Appl. Phys., 105, 122407 (2009) PDF  


Self-Organized Growth of Ge Nanowires from Ni-Cu Bulk Alloys

K. Kang, G. H. Gu, D. A. Kim, C. G. Park and M.-H. Jo

Chem. Mater., 20, 6577 (2008) PDF  


Low-Temperature Deterministic Growth of Ge Nanowires Using Cu Solid-Catalysts

K. Kang, D. A. Kim, H.-S. Lee, C.-J. Kim, J.-E. Yang and M.-H Jo

Adv. Mater., 20 4684-4690 (2008) PDF 


The Role of NiOx Overlayers on Spontaneous Growth of NiSix Nanowires from Ni Seed Layers

K. Kang, S. Kim, C.-J. Kim, and M.-H. Jo

Nano Lett., 8, 431 (2008) PDF 


Solid-Phase Epitaxy of Amorphous Si Using Single-Crystalline Si Nanowire Templates

Y. S. Woo, K. Kang, J.-M. Jeon, M. Kim and M.-H. Jo

Appl. Phys. Lett., 91, 223107 (2007) PDF  


Spontaneous Chemical Vapor Growth of NiSi Nanowires and Their Metallic Properties

C.-J. Kim, K. Kang, Y. S. Woo, K.-G. Ryu, H. Moon, J.-M. Kim, D.-S. Zang and M.-H. Jo

Adv. Mater., 19, 3637 (2007) PDF