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Welcome to Nano and 2D Materials Laboratory

Our group focuses on investigating atomic-level engineering and Nano/2D materials for next-generation semiconductors.

News and Announcement

** We are recruiting on-line "Individual Research/Study" students for winter vacation!

* N2ML research group aims at interdisciplinary research. We are actively looking for graduate students from other departments (physics, biology, mechanical, electrical engineering, etc).

* Welcome new group member!! - Eoram Moon

* Hyun-Jun Chai won the "Novoselov Excellence Poster Award" from Korean Graphene Society.  Congratulations!

* Hyeonbin Park won the "Excellence Poster Award" from The 29th Korean Conference on Semiconductors.  Congratulations!

Innovative processes accelerate the discovery of novel materials and their applications

Atomic-level (sub-nm) engineering techniques will impact both fundamental material science and practical applications for next-generation semiconductors (e.g. IoT, healthcare, self-driving, bio-inspired devices, and etc).

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